Kenny and I went to the Syracuse Rocket Club launch today. We brought along four rockets, Kenny’s Bandito, Firehawk, and Firestreak SST, and the Eggscaliber we built this week for the D Egg Loft Parachute Duration event. The Bandito was found to be unsuited for flight but each of the other three was launched twice. I was pretty pleased with the Eggscaliber; at about 58 seconds flight duration it didn’t win (the winner was about 1:16) nor come in second, but it didn’t come in last either, and the egg returned safely both times. Only the first launch qualified, though, because on the second — for which we added a second parachute — the shock cord pulled off the body tube and the rocket body tumbled to earth separately. No damage to rocket or payload aside from the shock cord separation though.

The Firehawk’s parachute failed to deploy fully both times, but the rocket launched well and was recovered undamaged. The Firestreak flew fine both times but lost a fin on the second flight.

There were some fairly big rockets, including some Level 1 and 2 certification flights, and some very odd rockets including a flying head (appropriately called “Heads Up”) and one made of tennis balls, tennis ball tubes, and ping pong paddles for fins that didn’t survive its flight. Maybe 20 or so people there of all ages including some families. Fun time.


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