Squat and glide

Kenny and I went to our second Syracuse Rocket Club launch today. We brought only two rockets this time, the Odd’l Rockets “Squatty Body” and Sky “Condor” boost glider I’d just made. Each flew only once and will need attention before flying again. The Squatty Body came down too fast; I think the streamer they supply is too short — it didn’t seem to slow the descent much — and it broke a fin. As for the Condor, I did a sloppy prep job which resulted in the shock cord burning through. It was far from the only nose cone separation of the day; I think there were about half a dozen. Anyway, the nose cone and body came back and were recovered undamaged. The launch was an entry in the day’s contest, a B engine glider duration event. I only saw three glider launches, though: One weathercocked and one was underpowered, so neither was much of a success. So unless there was another launch before we arrived mine won by default. Still, at 2″04′ it was a long glide. And a long walk to recover. People actually seemed surprised when I came back with the glider. Anyway, by default or not, it was the winner. Prize was an Estes Patriot M-104 kit.


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