I’d hoped to paint the Loadstar II over the weekend, but it was a bit windy and I don’t like to paint inside the garage.

I’ve suspended work on the Retro Rebel, because I’m not happy with how the body tube turned out. I’m going to rebuild it after parts arrive.

I have, now, three other kits waiting to get started, and enough parts to at least start on the scratch-built Test To Destruction. But I don’t want to start on any of them, or the Retro Rebel body tube rebuild, until after I’ve done some systematic tests of various adhesives. That is, I don’t want to install any more motor mounts until I’m confident I can glue them in without freezeups.

To that end I’ve bought some glue — Elmer’s Glue-All (but since buying it I’ve read the new formulation is much more prone to freezeup than the old), and two kinds of epoxy. Along with the TTD parts I’m getting some tube couplers to use in testing. Reports later.

So I was going to take some time off rocket building… and then I came across the FlisKits Caution! Rocket Launch In Progress!Caution! Rocket Launch In Progress!Which I was confident I could build using Glue-All, and if not, I’d be out three sheets of cardstock and a few milligrams of printer ink.

So that’s in progress. So to speak.


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