I finished the Caution! Rocket Launch in Progress! Wednesday, except that, since it was printed on an ink jet printer, a clear coat is going to be mandatory. I’ll do that and paint the Loadstar II this weekend if the weather cooperates.

Yesterday I made a new motor mount and body tube for the Retro Rebel. Here’s what went wrong the first time: The centering rings (18 mm to BT-50) were made of slices of paper tubing, and when I cut out a small segment of one to accommodate the engine clip, it started delaminating. I tried to stabilize it with some thin CA, but evidently not enough; when I went to install the motor mount in the body tube it delaminated again and the motor mount ended up off center. (And unremovable thanks to yellow glue’s grabbiness.) Granted, that was partly my fault because I neglected to dry fit the centering ring in the body tube. I think it was too tight.

So on the second attempt I applied CA on the centering ring before cutting it — all around the ring on both sides. It held together fine. Then after completing the motor mount (using yellow glue) I checked the fit and sanded the centering ring down a little before installing in the body tube. For installation I used 30 minute epoxy. All went well. The epoxy allowed me to make sure the motor mount went where I wanted it to be.

I was happy with it, so now I’ve glued it into the Retro Rebel exoskeleton and I should have that finished up in a day or so.

Which is good because the next Syracuse Rocket Club launch is coming up in a week. It’s the annual picnic launch, free food, free use of launch equipment, launching from 10 am to 5 pm, and then, a first (drum roll please) more launches from 8:30 to 10 pm! The extended hours are a good thing because we have dueling picnics that day… dojo picnic at Green Lakes.

SRC launch flyerAfter that… well, I have an Edmond Deltie kit and there’s a glider competition at September’s launch. And then I think I’ll start on the Test to Destruction scratch build. I think I have everything I need to build and prime, and I’ve been working up ideas for the paint scheme and decals.



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