Building Test to Destruction (part 10)

I attached the aft fins with yellow glue. My Estes fin jig has a side that skews a bit, so some persuasion was needed.IMG_1939And then I…



Ohcrud. I forgot to fill the fin edges first. Why did you people let me do that? You’re supposed to be keeping an eye on me, you know. If I screw this rocket up it’ll be ALL YOUR FAULT.

So I’ll be filling the aft fin edges in place. But I’m doing the forward fins first, before mounting. This is Test to Destruction, remember? One thing I’m testing is wood filler. For my first filled balsa fins I went to Home Depot and bought Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Filler Max (below, left) because it’s what they had. More recently I went to Lowe’s (ewww) and bought some Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Filler Not Max (maybe it’s Norm) (below, right).IMG_1941I hope I’ll decide Norm is much better than Max, because I don’t like Max much. For one thing it costs a lot more. But until I’m fully confident in Norm, I’m proceeding with caution. So, forward fins now, aft fins next.

I applied Norm to the trailing edges of the forward fins,IMG_1940let dry, sanded, and applied more Norm. That’s it for tonight.


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