You remember that removable Kevlar I installed on my Loadstar II? I removed it. Not all the way, I didn’t disconnect the rubber band and pull it all the way through. I just took the loop off the motor mount and pulled as much Kevlar back as I could, to see how it looked.IMG_1903

It looked sooty. But not bad. I slipped the loop back over the motor mount and pulled the slack forward again.

Actually another reason I did this was to verify that I could, that the idea works. One thing in particular that worried me was that the guide straw (a store-brand cotton swab’s plastic stick) might not stand up to the heat. But the Kevlar slipped through it just fine.

(As for the Estes rubber band the Kevlar’s attached to, it looks fine too. I’ll probably replace it with some fabric-covered elastic when I get around to buying some, but I think both Kevlar and rubber would be fine for another launch.)


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