Building Test to Destruction (part 11)

I meant to do it that way. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Last night I filled the aft fin edgesIMG_1943— and sanded them, of course. Today I attached the forward fins. First I cut a 1/4″ strip of blue tapeIMG_1944and wrapped it around the body tube just ahead of the aft fins.IMG_1947That gave me a much more visible alignment for the aft end of the forward fin’s root edges than pencil marks on the tube would. The forward fins are too high for the Estes jig, so they were aligned to the aft fins with two popsicle sticks and a clothespin.IMG_1948

While I was at it I glued on the launch lug.IMG_1950

Here’s how Test to Destruction is looking at the moment, wonky fins and all.IMG_1951


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