Building Test to Destruction (part 12)

Let’s put some fin fillets on this puppy. Or maybe on this rocket. Yeah, I’ll go with the rocket.

Another (ahem) Test; in the past I’ve used yellow glue. Here I’m giving Alleen’s Tacky Glue a try. I’d use Titebond No-Run No-Drip if I could find any locally, but I can’t and I did have the Tacky Glue on hand.IMG_1953I used a popsicle stick to smooth the filletsIMG_1954and a cotton swab to clean up.IMG_1956

Hey, look, a launch lug. I filleted that too.IMG_1957

This being thickened white glue I probably could have gotten away with doing all fourteen (count ’em, fourteen) fillets at once, but let me save that test for another time. I’m letting these six dry before moving on.


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