Finishing stand

I threw together a rocket finishing stand today, to hold and rotate rockets while doing things like filling spirals, applying decals, touching up paint, and so on. I don’t know if I’d use it for spray painting… might, though. I can’t claim it’s original, it’s based on something I saw in a photo on the Rocketry Forum.

Here it is, upside down during assembly, after I used screws and glue to attach the sides to the base.


The sides and base are 1 x 3 pine. The dowel is nominally 1/2″ but actually a little smaller. I wanted the dowel to be fairly snug in the holes, but able to be turned, and I found drilling 31/64″ holes gave me the fit I wanted.

Right side up now, showing the knob — a rather rough cut circle of wood, glued to the dowel, with a 4d finishing nail driven through to secure it.IMG_1971

Here I’m putting a spent 18mm casing on the end of the dowel, using blue tape to friction fit.IMG_1972

And here it is set up for use… except that I’m right handed so I should have put the knob on the left and the work on the right. I figured that out eventually.IMG_1974


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