Building Test to Destruction (part 12)

Someone please explain to me why I wait until after mounting the fins to fill the spirals.IMG_1977
Anyway, I do indeed like the normal CWF better than the CWF Max. Goes on less rocky and sands easier. I do need to work on my application technique though. After the first application dried and was sanded I found one spot I needed to touch up, and applied the CWF more cleanly there, so I guess I’m learning.

The body tube join is ugly, especially this part which seems to get only uglier with sanding.IMG_1979I tried stabilizing it with CA, which helped, I think.

A couple of dings on the fins were filled with spot filler.IMG_1980

Time to work on the nose cone. I sanded down the seams, then roughed up the whole surface.IMG_1982 A little blue tape and it fits fairly snugly in a paper towel tube.IMG_1983

At this time I probably should have wiped it down with alcohol but I forgot to.

I sprayed it with Rusto Specialty Plastic Primer.IMG_1984
After the first coat dried I gave it a light sanding with 400 grit and then sprayed a second coat.

I also primed the body, with Rusto Filler Primer, and then sanded with 220 grit… right through the primer in some places.IMG_1986Will definitely need a couple more coats. Someday. Judging from the forecast, probably not tomorrow.


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