Building Patrioony (part 2)

The body tube with motor mount looks good. The Kevlar moves freely in the guide straw.

The fins looked good, too, when I took them out from under the books; I trimmed the paper, applied CA on the edges, then came back later and sanded the edges, then glued the fins on. (I didn’t mention this before, but before papering the fins I rounded the leading edges. The other edges are square.)

IMG_1991As before, my Estes fin tool needed a slight bit of persuasion on one side.

I didn’t fill the spirals and I’m not going to; on this tube the spirals are pretty subtle and the primer should be sufficient to take care of them.

I also tweaked the decal design. I wasn’t happy with the scaled stripes; thought the horizontal part needed to be wider and the vertical parts narrower. Here’s a new mockup of just the stripes and text.IMG_1993


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