Timesharing (Building Test to Destruction, Part 13 / Building Patrioony, Part 3)

Well crud. Thought I was done priming Patrioony, and then I wet sanded and discovered I’d gone in too far — one surface of one fin soaked up water and got messed up.

I toughened it with some CA. Also filled a couple small gaps at the leading root corners of two fins with Bondo. Tonight I (dry) sanded and shot another coat of primer. That should be enough. Good news is, I think the nose cone is in good shape after wet sanding the primer.

Then over to Test to Destruction. Some time ago I shot the nose cone with color, but I wasn’t happy with the texture of the result. I sanded it down and will try again.

I’d done some more priming on the body, and I sanded it tonight. I would have been tempted to move on to wet sanding, but not after the Patrioony debacle. It was probably a little too thin in spots. Instead I put another coat of primer on.

Man. This is taking forever.

Here they are.

IMG_2069 copy


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