Building Test to Destruction (part 16)

Time for another test. Of Testors! (See what I did there?)IMG_2081

I used the 1/4″ tape for the fin stripes. Using a 13° angle drawn on a piece of paper as a guide I cut the root edges (as it were) and ran each piece from the root of the fore fin to the trailing end of the rear fin. Then trimmed the trailing end and between the fins, and burnished with a Sharpie barrel.IMG_2082

I used the 3/8″ tape around the top of the body tube and between fins at the bottom of the tube.IMG_2083

Next the decal, which I’d previously printed and sprayed with clear paint. IMG_2084

Here it is nearly done.IMG_2085I think the decal’s slightly askew. Probably should have checked it with an aluminum angle or something. Oh well, not expecting perfection, were you?


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