Building Patrioony (part 6)

I sanded out the messed up yellow paint area and repainted the other night. Results weren’t perfect (I should have put some white down over the spots I sanded down to grey primer) but it’ll look fine at fifteen feet, which is good enough.

Today I went to spray the red and discovered what I had in my paint stash was Krylon. Seriously? But I’m pretty sure that’s what I used on the Patriot; actually I think the white on that was Krylon too, while the yellow was certainly Rustoleum. I guess it worked then, and it’d probably work again. Then again, Home Depot is a mile away and a can of Rusto red is cheap, and I needed to get some mineral spirits anyway.

While I was at it, I sorted out my spray paint stash and chose nine cans to offer up on Freecycle.

And then I sprayed the red.

While masking I discovered I’d placed the launch lug such that it extended into the fin can area. Oh well.

IMG_2087 IMG_2089 IMG_2090

I also rehearsed applying the decals, using the paper towel tube I’d held the nose cone in for painting. Good thing too. First one cracked pretty badly:IMG_2094

Second wasn’t perfect but much better:IMG_2093

Nothing a black Sharpie couldn’t fix.


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