Building a Lunar Eclipse Jr. (part 1)

What to do next?

I have several rockets in my build pile including a 3D Rocketry Lunar Eclipse Jr.

There’s a partial lunar eclipse visible from North America on Friday.

I guess the Universe is trying to tell me something.


This will be my largest rocket to date and my second 24 mm motor rocket (after the Eggscaliber). I bought it back in August but have held off on building it until now, working on my skills with other rockets, such as the Test to Destruction scratch build which was largely motivated by a desire to try out some different techniques and methods before using them on this kit.

It’s been a warm autumn so far, but winter’s coming. It’s possible painting will not happen for weeks, maybe months, and I don’t plan on launching any earlier than mid May at the first 2014 Syracuse Rocket Club launch. Still, when the Moon is ready (or, more honestly, when I get the workbench cleared), I’ll get started.


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