Building a Lunar Eclipse Jr. (part 3)

Back to the bench. I used epoxy to glue the coupler into the lower body tube, and put a couple drops of epoxy on the threads of a screw eye before screwing it into the hole I’d drilled.IMG_2150

I ran the Kevlar through the screw eye and tied a loop a little shorter than the upper body tube.IMG_2151

Then I glued the upper body tube on.IMG_2153

And then I thought of an advantage or two of doing this after installing the motor mount, like for instance this way I couldn’t see or access the front of the motor mount. Well, no biggie.

I taped the fin slot template to the tube and I transferred the fin and launch lug lines to the tube.IMG_2162

Then, using a piece of aluminum angle rubber banded to the tube as a straightedge, I cut my first fin slots.IMG_2164

Looks good.IMG_2165

But, hm, they were about a sixteenth of an inch short. IMG_2166

I extended the slots toward the front. Next I used the angle to mark the fin locations and launch lug line at the back of the tube.IMG_2167

I glued in the motor mount, following the instructions (to which I added spreading epoxy just inside the tube after inserting the motor mount halfway, and making an epoxy fillet around the rear centering ring after letting the epoxy on the front ring cure with the tube upright.) Note, by the way, the dowel I used to spread the epoxy: I finally got smart and instead of just marking it at 6″ and then getting it mixed up with all the previous marks I’ve put on it, I put a piece of blue tape there.IMG_2170

I tried using sandpaper wrapped around a BT-60 tube (strengthened with couplers) to put a radius on the root edge of the inner fins, but I found it worked better to use an expended E motor casing. Not sure why, maybe the pressure tends to flatten the sandpaper out, but the smaller radius worked better.IMG_2176

I marked the position of the rear end of the outer fins’ cutout, and put down a piece of tape at that point as a guide.IMG_2178

As instructed, I poked holes in the inner fins’ root edges and the body tube.IMG_2179

I forced glue (back to the Elmer’s yellow for this) into the holes, then glued the inner fins on.IMG_2181

Then the outer fins.IMG_2183

Here’s the first fillet application. This is my inaugural use of Titebond No-Drip No-Run glue.IMG_2184Good progress. I like Sundays.


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