Building a Lunar Eclipse Jr. (part 6), and other projects

I did some sanding on the fillets, and softened the fin edges just a little. That’s about all I can do before I start painting, and that’s not going to happen any time soon. (Possible sn*w in the forecast for tonight!) Perhaps not until Spring.

I have a non-rocketry project I want to get started on this weekend, so I may not do any rocket building for a while. I do have a fair size build pile, though, and it’s getting bigger. Hopefully I’ll get a few more rockets up to the paint-me point during the winter months. These may include:

  • Semroc V-2. This kit involves choices. Scale or semi scale fins? Update the materials and methods, or get a genuine 1960s building experience by following the instructions exactly? What paint scheme to use? That one I’ve decided on: White Sands Round 3. I have the needed decals from Excelsior.
  • Quest MLAS. A rocket too goofy not to go on the wish list I compiled last year, and then it was half price on closeout from BP Hobbies (still is as of this writing) so I had to buy it.
  • Shrockets SeaSting.  Or Sea Sting. I’ve seen it both ways.
  • Semroc Swift Boost Glider. This was the prize for the September launch contest. It’s fairly low on my priorities list, so I might not get to it this winter.
  • Bob Harrington’s cardstock Satellite Interceptor. I printed this one out some time ago but decided to do the Downscale Patriot instead.

And I don’t yet have the following in hand, but expect I will:

  • Excelsior Rocketry Nike-G and Honest Goon. Two goony missiles to go with the Patrioony. I have the decals for these, and spent some of my birthday money on the materials for the Honest Goon’s nose section. I’d need two Baby Berthas, but those are readily available, and cheap with coupon, at Hobby Lobby.
  • Der Redshifted Pink Mini Max. Well, it’s like this… no, the details are boring, but let’s just say due to oddball circumstances I ended up getting a set of Der Pink Mini Max decals from Excelsior. And I’m thinking I’ll use them, but that I’ll redshift it: put in an 18 mm motor mount.
  • Bohica’s Dead Ringer. I found this old forum thread a few days ago and decided I needed to make one of these. Nose cone and centering rings are on their way.
  • Unknown rocket. I was one of the winners in the October launch contest, too, so I’m guessing I’ll have some other rocket kit handed to me at the next club meeting.

And two that are a little less definite:

  • Starlight Saber. At the last club meeting there was a decision, at least I think it was a decision, that we would work on an upscale of this rocket as a winter club project. If indeed we do that, I’d like to build the base model. Starlight’s been out of business for some time but a couple of vendors still have these available. If for whatever reason we don’t do this upscale, I might pick one up anyway.
  • Scratch EFT-1. The first (uncrewed) test flight of the Orion space capsule is due to launch in September 2014. They claim it’s on track, though I’ll be entirely unsurprised if it slips several months. Anyway, I’m thinking it’d be fun to launch a sport scale version at about the same time. There’s a Delta IV Heavy kit available, but the price is heavy too. And of course it doesn’t have the Orion on it. I’m thinking a scratch build. It wouldn’t be as detailed as the DFR model but that’s fine with me.

And then there’s the rest of my wish list. I have no immediate plans to buy any of those, but I didn’t plan on the MLAS going for half price either, and if there’s Christmas money I might not think of anything better to spend it on than more rockets. Who knows? But I think most of my next rocket projects will come from the above list.

Maybe I’ll limit myself to the alliterative ones. The Semrock Swift, the SeaSting, the Starlight Saber, and the scratch sport scale. No?



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