One more for the build pile

At tonight’s Syracuse Rocket Club meeting I was given a Custom Rocket Company Razor as my prize for the October launch contest.

Not unexpected nor unwelcome, though… you know… it means the build pile’s gotten larger, and the wish list hasn’t gotten smaller.

I’m a little embarrassed about the size of my build pile, not that it’s any more out of hand than many others out there. And in my defense, well…

  • The Semroc V-2 I bought soon after Semroc founder Carl McLawhorn died, as a way of giving them a little support at a difficult time. That was a good thing to do, right?
  • The Shrockets SeaSting I bought because Shrockets is just starting up, and Shrox had had a Kickstarter but it was unsuccessful, and I wanted to throw some support his way. Another virtuous buy, yes?
  • The Quest MLAS I bought because it was on my wish list and on sale for 50% off and it would have been nuts not to.
  • The Bohica’s Dead Ringer cost very little because I just had to buy a nose cone (okay, a package of 5 nose cones) and some centering rings.
  • The Starlight Saber was under ten bucks. Plus postage. And it needs to be done now, not later, because the club is building an upscale Saber this winter.
  • The Semroc Swift Boost Glider I won.
  • Likewise the Razor.
  • The Bob Harrington’s cardstock Satellite Interceptor is a free download.

So everything was free or cheap or virtuous, okay?

And I’m not getting anything else until I’ve built these. Or built them as far as I can before warm weather returns.

Unless it’s free.

Or cheap.

Or virtuous.

Or there’s some other good reason.20131104_221625


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