Building a Bohica’s Dead Ringer (part 3)


If there’s one thing I learned from

naNorm Abram

it is that you don’t measure two things against a ruler if you can measure one against the other. So I didn’t take a ruler, and measure the exact height of the launch lug from the body tube, and then transfer that measurement to the tail rings… no, I just slid a ring up against the launch lug, and marked it.

Then I used a rotary punch to punch the holes in the two largest centering rings.IMG_2232

Gluing the first two rings in place — after first marking the ring positions on the tube, and making sure the launch lug line was extended down to the bottom of the tube. Elmer’s yellow glue here.IMG_2234

And the last two rings. A dowel through the launch lug and ring holes makes sure everything’s aligned.IMG_2235

Fillets. Titebond No-Drip No-Run.IMG_2236

And that’s about all I can do until painting weather returns. We have snow piling up tonight, so that won’t be soon.IMG_2237


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