Building a Bohica’s Dead Ringer (part 3.1)

Oh, wait, I realized there was one more thing I could and should do before painting: Prep the nose cone.

Bohica said it needs 0.5 oz, or 14 grams, added weight. I went to rough up the inside of the Estes PNC-50YR nose cone only to find it was pretty rough already. IMG_2238

So I dampened the inside of the nose cone a bit, dropped some lead BBs into water, then fished them out and added them along with some Gorilla Glue until the total added weight was 14 g.IMG_2239Okay, 13.96. EXCUSE ME.

Then I glued the shoulder piece in place with Testor’s plastic cement. And yes, that’s the sixth adhesive I’ve used on this rocket (Testor’s plastic: Nose cone; Gorilla glue: Nose weight; Titebond No-Drip No-Run: Fillets; CA: Kevlar guide straw; 30 min epoxy: Motor mount installation; Elmer’s wood glue: Everything else.)

Now we wait for painting weather.


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