Walt’s Secret Santa 2013

Our local hobby shop has a “Secret Santa Sale” event every year the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Besides sale prices they have a sort of hobby fair with tables for all the various local hobby groups, the Syracuse Rocket Club included. Kenny and I were there for the first time this year.

On exhibit we had lots of low power rockets — a few of mine included —20131123_141532and some high power, including the X-treme X-plorers, a 98 mm beast that barely fits in Walt’s flying room standing up,20131123_141411some rocket motors ranging from MMX to 98 mm, 20131123_141428videos, and so forth. 20131123_141336

20131123_141402We also launched. It was too cold and too windy and too small a space to launch much, but we did do two short demo launches. My Caution! Rocket Launch In Progress! lawn darted and I’m retiring it.2013-11-23 13.51.05The new Razor did better.

They have insane door prize drawings every two hours, about six or so prizes at each drawing including air brush systems, RC models, train sets, and so on… some of the prizes retail for $300 or more. Kenny won an RC helicopter just before we left.


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