Two new cardstocks

I’m calling these two cardstock rockets done, except that they need clear coats when and if things ever warm up again.


The Bob Harrington Mini Satellite Interceptor took me ages to complete. I lost track of how many body tubes I rolled, then redid either because I messed up the body tube itself or because I messed up attaching the fins and started over.

I did the nose cone only once, though. I found it basically impossible to roll a cardstock cone to a sharp enough point, so I truncated the cardstock cone and then rolled a paper cone to go over it. Then I stiffened the paper with CA. The result is a little more off white than the body, unfortunately. Maybe the right thing to do would have been to cover a CA-stiffened paper cone with an un-stiffened paper cone, perhaps omitting the cardstock frustum underneath. Whatever, this is good enough. Also I managed to glue the launch lug to the upper side of a wing fin, and cutting it loose to reglue it underneath left something of a mess. But I can live with that too.


The FlisKits Caution! Rocket Launch in Progress! which lawn darted in October has now been replaced with this custom decorated version, sporting the Syracuse Rocket Club logo and the words Caution! SRC Rocket Launch in Progress! The old Caution on both its last two flights suffered blowouts at the rear, so on this one I did things a little differently. I made a piece looking like this:


I put that over the motor mount tube after the tube was inserted (but before the glue dried), with the three flaps folded toward the back and glued to the inside of the body. Then I cut six of the gusset pieces from the FlisKits plan and glued two over each corner. I think this will withstand ejection pressure better.


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