Fun with 2014

Happy 2014. I don’t do resolutions; I do goals. This may be a difference that makes no difference to some, but inside my head a resolution is “I will do this, and if I don’t I’m a failure” while a goal is “I’d like to do this, and if I do I’m a success”. Make any sense? Good. Pipe down.

Anyway. For 2014:

  1. Fly some larger rockets
  2. Fly more 24mm BP
  3. Fly some composite motors

They’re related goals, of course. The old bigger higher faster more. There are limits to my bigger higher faster ambitions, but I certainly haven’t reached them yet. Even with 18mm BP I could launch some bigger rockets, ones I think I’d find more satisfying (or at least differently satisfying) than the smaller ones I’ve mostly flown. The only 24mm rocket in my fleet is the Estes Eggscaliber jointly owned with my son (and he claimed it the last time we launched it); he also has an Estes Magician, which I also helped him with. But that’s about the extent of my 24mm experience. And so far it’s all been BP. But I have a 3D Rocketry Lunar Eclipse Jr. waiting for paint, and an Estes Mega Mosquito, an Aerotech Mustang, and an Estes D-Region Tomahawk (or 5) in my build pile. The Mustang has a 29mm mount, and who knows, maybe I’ll fly it on a 29mm motor this year, or maybe just on 24mm with adapter. I’d like to use composite motors for at least some of those flights, and maybe a composite D for some of my 18mm birds. And there’s the dual egglofter. The what? Well…

  1. Put an entry (however pathetic) into each club launch contest and theme

I’m not really the competitive rocketry type, but we have a friendly contest at each launch, and entering has stretched my experience and skill set in the past — my first egglofter, first and second gliders, first helicopter, and first kitbash all were for contest entries. In 2014 I intend to participate every time. Which means, you guessed it, adding to the wish list. In May the contest is a D dual egg loft duration, and (somewhat oddly, I thought) in August it’s TARC rules which as I understand it means dual egg loft target duration and altitude. I can certainly enter both with the same rocket (assuming it survives the first contest), but I’ll have to build one before May. Another 24mm, and/or another composite motor. For September the contest is plastic model conversion, which will be whole new territory for me.

  1. NARTREK Bronze

I’ve just joined NAR, and since that qualifies me to do NARTREK, might as well! I’ve already flown D motors and a two stage model. I’ve never timed a B motor parachute or streamer flight, though, and I doubt I’ve broken the 60 and 30 second barriers (respectively). Let’s give it a try. And from what I’ve read, that means I probably need a good 18mm MD rocket, large enough for a good size recovery system; and guess what I don’t have in my fleet or build pile? Right. Well, an Estes Hi-Flier is cheap enough; I bought the kit once for under $5 at Hobby Lobby (and bashed it into a Tornado).

  1. Build almost everything in my (current) build pile

This is with the understanding that only one of my D-Regions is actually in the build pile. And the Estes Long Tom probably isn’t. And the Estes Xarconian Cruiser… okay, that is in the build pile, but don’t hold your breath on my building it this year. But building the rest of the pile is the goal.

You notice I stuck the word “current” in there. No one should expect my build pile to be empty a year from now. Just different.

  1. Buy too many kits

Wait, I already accomplished that one last year.

  1. Fly lots of stuff
  2. Have fun

Those are the important goals.

(And as part of my efforts towards goals 1, 2, 3, 8, and 9, I’ve made hotel reservations for NYPOWER which this year is moving to Memorial Day weekend.)



3 thoughts on “Fun with 2014

  1. Actually I do have a (sort of) minimum diameter 18mm rocket: The FlisKits Caution. Apparently some people have done NARTREK Bronze durations with one of those. But I went to Hobby Lobby before finding that out, and almost bought a Hi-Flier before noticing the Estes Yankee and opting for it.

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