At least it came off the wish list, sort of, a couple days after it went on, sort of

Yeah, I bought another kit.


This is intended to be my duration rocket for NARTREK Bronze. I’ve since read that apparently some people have qualified with the FlisKits Caution, so maybe I didn’t need this one, but oh well… it’s not like it cost me much, with HL’s 40% off coupon. Though more than, say, a D-Region Tomahawk, or indeed any kit I bought at the Estes sale except the Mega Mosquito (and that was two rockets!).

It also cost more than a Hi-Flier would have — that was what I’d been looking for, and they had both in stock — but I decided on the Yankee instead. Simple reason: Estes claims the Yankee weighs 12 g without motor, versus… hm! It says 25.5 g for the Hi-Flier on the web site but that value is out of date. Starting in the 2012 catalog (and on the package in the store) it says 31.2 g. And the 5.7 g difference is, I think, the piece of clay they started including with the kit for nose weight because it’s marginally stable at best on a C motor. Presumably the rest of the difference between the Yankee and Hi-Flier weights is because the Yankee has no motor hook (nor the sleeve to secure it) and a much smaller plastic nose cone; it also has a body tube about 0.25″ shorter and slightly smaller fins. Said fins sweep back so the model is inherently a little more stable than the Hi-Flier, which is why it doesn’t need the nose weight.

Of course once you put a B6-6 in, the difference in weight is less significant, but even so, Estes claims 13% higher altitude (on a C) for the Yankee. And given that it has nearly as much room for recovery gear in the body tube, I figured it’d make sense to go with it.

I don’t think I’ll build it quite stock. Those swept back fins look vulnerable, I might paper them. The rubber band shock cord and trifold mount have got to go, of course, and I might opt for an external Kevlar cord, maybe set up for horizontal recovery to help increase recovery time. I’m considering leaving it unfinished until I’ve done the duration flights (assuming I get it back!) and thinking of replacing the peel-and-stick decals with homemade waterslides — but I’d have to modify them to get rid of the white areas. Of course the parachute recovery will be non stock, and I’ll very possibly use a non-stock streamer too.


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