Building a Semroc V-2 (part 3)

I glued the boat tail into the body tube. I don’t know why. It would have made more sense to wait until after filling and sanding.

I used a hand pick to collapse and clean the body tube spirals, primary and secondary.IMG_2288
Then I applied thinned CWF to the boat tail and the spirals.IMG_2289

After sanding, it looks like the spirals will need more work, but I’m going to do that later.

I shaped the fins, following the Estes recommendation of using an emery board. I held the fin against a piece of wood while working on it.IMG_2294

The darkened edges left by laser cutting helped in seeing what I was doing. What I aimed to do was to reduce the thick darkened edge to a thin darkened edge, without getting rid of the darkened surface entirely; I wanted maybe 1/32″ thickness left. I didn’t worry much about getting a perfect airfoil shape, as long as there was a gradual taper to a thin edge. I left the root edge alone, of course.IMG_2297 copy

Here are the fins with the servo pods glued on.IMG_2299

Semroc provides an improved way to mark the boat tail for the fins. Instead of having to sight along two marking rings, you put the straight edges on a flat surface. Then mark.IMG_2300

First two fins being glued. After the first fin went on I taped a piece of paper with a straight edge around the tube to serve as a fin endpoint marker.IMG_2305

Four fins and a nose cone. The fins ends aren’t as even as I’d hoped, but at least it doesn’t fall over immediately.IMG_2306



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