Done with TRF

Just three months ago, the new owners of (TRF) were telling us they had “no plans” to add non-rocketry ads there, and in particular, that they did not believe in putting ads before logged in users.

Now go there, log in, and you’ll see ads for Adobe and World of Tanks.

That’s only if you don’t use (or turn off) AdBlock, of course. Turn it on and the ads go away.

There isn’t an extension that gets rid of the owners, though.

Harsh? Maybe, but as I see it: The current owners have shown no signs of being rocketeers, of having a commitment to the hobby, of running TRF for any purpose but to cash in. We’ve seen what they did to — go in there as a lurker with AdBlock off and I guarantee you’ll be appalled at the crap they’ve loaded it down with and the fees they charge users to reduce (not eliminate) the ads. And is it by necessity? Doubtful. It’s way more than enough ads to keep that site going, I’m very sure.

Then they had the nerve to come to TRF, telling us they weren’t going to do the same thing there — and then in less than three months, they’ve started doing it. Nowhere near as bad as… yet. But do you really doubt that’s where they’re taking it?

Turning the forums into a sleazy adfest is bad enough, but being dishonest about it is far worse.

Enough. I’m gone. Done with TRF. YORF has its drawbacks, but at least it’s run by someone who cares about rocketry because he is a rocketeer, and who deals honestly with the subscribers.


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