Farewell Semroc

I suppose a lot of people are disappointed, but almost none are surprised, by the announcement from Semroc this morning:

Semroc Fans,
I am sorry to say that we will be closing the company. After my father’s death and my stay in the hospital I have realized that it will be impossible to catch up. I have decided after much thought that it would be in my best interest to close the doors. This is not an easy decision after living a 10yr plus dream with my Dad. We appreciate all the loyalty that you have all shown me and my family over the years, we are forever grateful. We will always cherish the memories and friendships we have made over the years. It has made all this worthwhile.
All of the current inventory is up for sale but there will not be any custom parts cut and once the kits and parts are gone there will be no more. If anyone is interested in buying out current stock please drop us an email and let us know. Again thank you all for helping me and my family live the dream!
The Semroc Family

It so happens I’m currently building a Semroc kit, one I bought last summer shortly after Carl McLawhorn’s death. And not my last; I have a Swift Boost Glider in the build pile — and Semroc parts for an Excelsior Honest Goon.

As a rather recent BLR I can’t speak personally to the years of service to the hobby Semroc provided, start with its first incarnation in the 1960s and its rebirth in the 1990s. But I quickly became aware they were the first place to look for rocketry parts of almost any sort, besides being a source for reincarnations of so many classic kits. I do hope some company out there is able to pick up at least a part of that mantle. Hopefully while carrying on the Semroc tradition of great, fast customer service. Thanks to the McLawhorns for all they’ve done. Semroc will be sorely missed.


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