Even smaller temptation

The Estes Specials page shows the Photon Probe on sale through March 17 for $6. Update: Wait, looks like there’s more on sale… but only the Photon Probe is on the specials page. You have to look for the other ones marked with shamrocks. Looks like the same rockets as in December and February, minus ones they’ve sold out of. Oddly, the Partizon has a shamrock but is not marked down from the usual $70. No word on free shipping.

Another update: I keep telling myself not to buy more kits until I’ve put more of a dent in my build pile, and I’ve been good about that most of the time. And then Estes has a sale. In fact I was going to place an order during the February sale but I held off because I was out of town, and just when I figured it was safe to order the sale ended. So I ordered during this sale instead. Just two kits. First, I’d been regretting getting only one Mega Mosquito in December, because I’d kind of like to build it stock but I’d also kind of like to kitbash a Fat Boy or something. So I bought another one. And second, I couldn’t pass up a Pro Series II for $25. Would have bought a Leviathan had I been able to order early in the February sale, but they’ve sold out of those, and I would have bought a Partizon but, as I said, it’s got the shamrock but no discount, so I went with the Ventris.

Another SRC member got free shipping with his (larger) order, but I didn’t. I’m guessing it kicks in at $85 as it did in February.

Yet another update (March 17): The Partizon anomaly has been fixed. It’s $25.


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