Plan, Stan

I spent Saturday afternoon at the hobby store with three other Syracuse Rocket Club members, helping begin construction of the club’s new rocket. Specifically, we fiberglassed four of the five 5.8″ x 42″ tubes — no, it’s not a 17.5 foot rocket, it has tube fins. I’d never done any fiberglassing nor worked on a rocket more than a third the size of this one, so I’m learning new things.

That’s the first rocketry work I’ve done in several weeks, aside from buying and evaluating a couple kinds of plastic Easter eggs for possible conversion into an egg capsule. The Semroc V-2’s been sitting untouched all that time. It’s just been too cold in the basement for me to want to do that kind of thing down there. I really should though.

So what are the priorities for the next couple months or so? Completing glue-up of the V-2 of course. After that, the egglofter. This is intended for the May launch contest (D dual egg duration), and probably the August one as well (TARC rules). The one other contest for which I need a new rocket is a plastic model conversion contest in September; I have a couple possible models picked out but probably won’t start on that until summer. As for launch themes I don’t need any new rockets for any of them except June’s dual deployment theme, which I don’t intend to do anything for. But I’d like to build a new oddroc for August’s theme… and for August’s night launch. I have a concept, and I’m looking into how to do the lights.

For NARTREK Bronze I probably don’t need to build anything else, though I haven’t decided for sure which rocket to use for the parachute duration.

So the contest, theme, and NARTREK goals dictate only that I get the egglofter together by May and the oddroc and PMC later. Beyond that it’s just a matter of picking stuff from the build pile.

Probably I’ll do either the Quest MLAS or the Estes D-Region Tomahawk, or both,  after the egglofter. By then it may start to be painting season, and I have a bunch of stuff to paint; I also have two kits, the Shrockets SeaSting and the Estes Photon Disruptor, where I want to paint some parts before gluing them, so those will be priority builds once it warms up. After them, or before if warm weather hasn’t arrived yet, the Estes Mega Mosquito (built stock). The two Mosquitos and the Hot Rod Habenero will be quickies to be done in spare moments. If there’s time before the July launch (theme and contest: gliders) I’ll do the Semroc Swift Boost Glider — if not, I still have the Condor and the Deltie. Left for the longer term, probably, will be the Aerotech Mustang, Estes Ventris, whatever I’m doing with the other Mega Mosquito, and, odds on favorite for Most Likely to Not Get Built in 2014, the Estes Xarconian Cruiser.

So that’s the plan. And you all know how plans work out.



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