Rocket club weekend

It’s been a rocket club sort of weekend. Yesterday several of us met at Walt’s Hobbies to continue work on the club rocket: we put 6 oz fiberglass on the last remaining tube, and a finish layer of 2 oz fiberglass on three tubes. We also got to work on the 75 mm motor mount, gluing on the centering rings after attaching a u-bolt to one.

2014-03-29 12.39.24 copy

There was also a certain amount of jabbering. I’m sure you’re shocked. Some of it concerned URRF. I came away with two thoughts: First, I should go. I wasn’t planning on hitting both that and NYPower this year, but I should. And second, I should preregister right away, because the price goes up April 1. So I did that.

Today some of us were at the 2014 Central New York Science & Engineering Fair; one was there anyway as a judge, but the others of us set up and staffed a table with rockets, literature, and videos on display. We got a fair number of people stopping by, some of whom show real signs of interest in coming to a launch. My favorite visitor was a 5th grader who had done a project on vinegar and baking soda rockets. James told her about the CNY Rocket Team Challenge which is starting up very soon, and her eyes got very wide when he showed her the LOC IV and told her she and her team would be given one to build and fly if she entered. (Her mother seemed to think it sounded good too.) Later on she came back to the table, dragging one of her school friends along to show her our stuff. Several minutes later she was back again, hauling on another friend. Not too long after that she was back again, dragging along another friend. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her with a team at the Challenge launch in June!



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