Building a Bad Cholesterol (part 4)

I glued a BT-60 coupler, with the outer layer peeled off, to one of the egg top halves a few days ago. Tonight I did some more work.

This I was afraid would happen: Drilling a hole for the shock cord anchor, I cracked the plastic. Well, we’ll see if we can live with it.IMG_2525

Space inside the egg not being at such a premium, and this capsule being meant more for the target altitude/duration contest than the long duration contest, I decided to go with an eye bolt for the shock cord anchor. The next picture makes the eye bolt look bigger than it is, but yes, it’s kind of big. It was the smallest eye bolt (as opposed to eye screw, which I didn’t want to use) I could find, and I decided it would be OK, especially given that it has to stand up to the kinetic energy of two flying eggs.

Of course I knew better than to tighten the nuts down hard. They’re epoxied on this side IMG_2526
and this side. IMG_2528

While this was drying I used a Dremel to sand down the inside of the ends of the extension tube, and the outside of the shoulder on the other egg half, because after treating the ends with CA the fit was much too tight. It’d be embarrassing to break the eggs trying to extract them after a successful flight. I’ll do the same for this egg half later.

A couple days ago I went to Michael’s and bought a couple of foam drink can holders — purple ones, no less — which I cut up for this project:IMG_2529

Later that same day I was out for a walk and found a yoga mat on the curb, in someone’s recycle bin. Yoga mats are not accepted for recycling so I did the civic minded thing and accepted it for reuse, in the smaller egg capsule.IMG_2530


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