Building a Bad Cholesterol (part 5)

The coupler came off the Egg Capsule 2 the other day. Epoxy just didn’t stick to the plastic. That I didn’t rough up the surface before gluing it may have been the reason, or not; anyway, I sanded the egg and used CA to stick the coupler back on. Might work.

It was sunny today, and not windy. I even went for my first bike ride of the season. But it didn’t quite get warm enough for me to want to paint. Instead I worked indoors today on the Bad Cholesterol, continuing what I’d been doing yesterday.

Both egg capsules are in pretty good shape, so I’ve started on the rocket-ish bits. I redesigned the fins; figuring if they’re coming down with the weight of two eggs under the chute, they need to be sturdy. So they’re a little offset from the back end, and the trailing edges sweep forward, and they mount through the wall. Also, and this is a first for me, they’re basswood.

So, one body tube, cut to length and with fin slots. One motor mount, rear centering ring left off for now.

IMG_2533 Three fins.IMG_2535 Fins glued on.IMG_2536 Rear centering ring glued and filletted. IMG_2537

Probably by the time we get painting weather again, this’ll be ready for primer.



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