Building a Bad Cholesterol/Semroc V-2/Lunar Eclipse Jr./Mini Satellite Interceptor/Caution! SRC Rocket Launch In Progress (part 7/6/7/whatever/whatever)

It got up into the mid 60s today, sunny, light wind… so why were we inside Walt’s Hobby Shop for half the afternoon again? Oh yes, building the club rocket. We finished glassing the tubes, put a retainer on the 75 mm motor mount and built a 54 mm adapter, and put the electronics bay together. Before that I got out for a bike ride. After that, paint.

There was never really a build thread for the Bob Harrington Satellite Interceptor or the Fliskits Caution! [SRC] Rocket Launch In Progress!, though I put up pictures of them earlier and said they were done… except they needed clear coat. Now they have clear coat. I also put Rusto Filler Primer on the Bad Cholesterol (main rocket and Egg Capsule 1 extension tube… EC2 can wait), the Semroc V-2 body (the nose needs sanding first), and the 3D Rocketry Lunar Eclipse Jr. body; and Rusto Plastic Primer on the Lunar Eclipse nose cone.

Here’s the setup for painting the Lunar Eclipse. On the right is the rotisserie I built last year, and on the left what I put together last night, just two boards screwed together, with holes drilled in the upright for a short piece of dowel. Both clamped to a piece of wood which itself is clamped in a Workmate.2014-04-12 16.42.41The rockets after painting:

2014-04-12 17.08.28Lunar Eclipse nose cone, EC1 extension tube, and Caution!2014-04-12 17.08.34V-2 body, Bad Cholesterol body, and Mini Satellite Interceptor.

2014-04-12 17.07.53Lunar Eclipse body. I get no money from Doc’s for that picture. No free pizza either.

And the two now-they’re-really-finished (OK, there are no streamers inside them, but most of my rockets don’t have permanently installed laundry either) rockets:

2014-04-12 17.23.16

Caution! SRC Rocket Launch In Progress!2014-04-12 17.25.15Mini Satellite Interceptor.

There. Ah, the smells of spring (koff koff).







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