Last August, when I’d been having problems with motor mounts and couplers getting “grabbed” in the wrong position when using yellow glue, I was looking for solutions and went poking through the forum archives for answers. I missed this thread, though, in which “Bill” wrote

The best glue for installing tight-fitting parts and avoiding premature adhesion is Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

I use all four kinds of the water-based glues:

  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue – grab-proof installation of motor mounts and tube couplers.
  • yellow wood glue – general building.
  • Titebond Trim and Molding glue – fin fillets.
  • Elmer’s Glue All – final “finish” coat over fin fillets.

Really? I’ve had Aleene’s in my glue repertoire for years — even tried it for fillets, but moved on to what’s now called Titebond [edit: add the ‘e’ I left out. Whew.] No-Drip No-Run, but never considered it for tight parts. In fact I would have guessed it’d be worse than yellow glue.

So I tried it this morning on the Mega Mosquito motor mount. (Check that alliteration.) With the TTW fins I really needed to be able to fine tune the position for more than half a second or so. After five minutes or so it was frozen up, but it certainly did allow me time to get it placed correctly.

Well, almost correctly… but that’s another post.

Admittedly the centering rings were not the tightest I’ve ever encountered, so this may not have been a particularly stringent test. Still, I think I’ll forego the epoxy in favor of Aleene’s for motor mounts and couplers until I find a reason not to.

Update: I found a reason not to. Back to epoxy.



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