In case you’re wondering why I’m not on TRF any more

Last year The Rocketry Forum was sold to Group Builder, Inc., a company that monetizes online forums by turning them into advertising click farms. Not that they were going to do that to TRF. Oh no:

12 Dec 2013: (in response to “But while you’re here, can you give us an idea what plans or ideas there may be with regard to ads, infolinks, and user fees?”) TRFAdministrator writes:

At this time there is nothing planned. The private ads and Skimlinks are suffice.

To comment on other sites we often create high quality vinyl decals and if so we usually create some sort of “Supporting Membership” subscription to roll those out. Shrox is posting TFC screenshots, you can see there you get a few extra stuff but it’s all fluff. Members really just upgrade for the decals but even more so in most cases it’s just to give back to the site. We started doing that because people just wanted to flat donate so we setup that up but then felt they should get something in return. On all our sites you can disable every single ad even as a free member sans the private ones like you have here. No plans for this now though here.

3 Mar 2014:

I will be adding 728×90 header and footer banners today. 

If you see an ad that offends you, you don’t like, etc, please send me a pm with URL it leads to and I will get it blocked. 

This is the heads up you have all requested, so I hope you all understand. 


April 2014:

We have started a Supporting Member program to help fund all the various financial obligations the community incurs; Hosting, Software, Marketing and Legal. 

For only $2.99/month, $19.95/year or $100/Lifetime you gain the following benefits to your Membership here at RocketryForum and help support the further growth of our general knowledge base and community. 

  • Less advertising.
  • NO mobile advertising
  • Unlimited private message space.
  • Unlimited file attachment space.
  • Unlimited gallery space.
  • Larger Profile Picture dimensions and file size.
  • The satisfaction that you are supporting a great community with a great cause.

16 Apr 2014:

I’m having to repeat things over and over due to the frequency of these threads and the fact my post are being passed over, so starting now I will be responding to issues relating to ads, then closing threads to be sure my post are seen. I think if people were seeing them we wouldn’t be having the confusion and consternation I’m seeing. 

Summary: “We’re not going to load up TRF with ads, or sell premium memberships… We’re loading up TRF with ads… We’re selling premium memberships… If you complain your thread will be blocked.”

Look for me on YORF.




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