Building a Bohica’s Dead Ringer / Bad Cholesterol / Mosquito / Mega Mosquito (part 5 / 8 / 2 / 4, possibly)

Sometime before September I’m intending to build a plastic model conversion, and since I haven’t built a plastic model, unconverted, since I was about twelve (and was pretty lame at it then, too), I’m building one as a warmup / learning process. It’s something I suppose probably could be PMC’d, but I’m not going to. So enough about that.

What I am doing, rocketwise, is painting (and sanding) (and sanding). Here’s what’s drying and outgassing now:

20140420_152703annoA. Bohica’s Dead Ringer nose cone (2nd primer) B. Egg Capsule 1 (2nd primer) C. Mosquito nose cone (1st primer) D. Bad Cholesterol (2nd primer) E. Bohica’s Dead Ringer (2nd primer) F. Mosquito (1st primer) G. Mega Mosquito (1st primer) H. Mega Mosquito nose cone (1st primer).

The Mega Mosquito nose cone’s seam was kind of rough and needed some Bondo. The Egg Capsule’s seams — the seam of the cardboard tube and the seam of the paper wrap — were both pretty visible. I think Bondo will take care of the second of those but the first I suspect will have to be handled by the dictum “if you can’t fix it, hide it”. I see a roll pattern in my future.




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