Building a Bohica’s Dead Ringer / Bad Cholesterol / Mosquito / Mega Mosquito (part 6 / 10 / 3 / 5, probably)

After three coats of primer, dry sanding, and wet sanding, I’m saying the Bad Cholesterol is ready for color paint. Just need good weather. It’s due to fly in 13 days… if there’s more good weather.

I hoped the Dead Ringer would be okay with two coats of primer, but no, it’ll need a third.

In another belated build decision I opted to put a thrust ring and launch lugs on the Mega Mosquito. I sanded off the primer where the lugs were going to go.IMG_2567

That and the Mosquito are sanded and ready for primer coat number two.

At least it didn’t rain today, that I noticed. Sun forecast for tomorrow. And wind.


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