Welcome home!

Time to stop procrastinating and make a streamer for my NARTREK Bronze duration flight.

Not sure how wide a streamer I can get away with, but I know it’ll be a lot easier to make it narrower than to make it wider. I think 9 cm will fit in the rocket; just a matter of will it come out.

So here’s a 9 cm by (about) 90 cm piece of my Mylar Welcome Home banner.IMG_2575

The narrow strip I cut off should be good for a couple of less ambitious streamers…

Look carefully and you’ll see I put some marks along one edge. 75 of them, 1 cm apart.IMG_2576

Then I started folding pleats, 1 cm wide.IMG_2577

Having creased all the pleats I then folded them all up. It’s far from perfect; I was nowhere near anal retentive enough to get all the pleats lined up precisely. But I’m hoping it’ll be adequate. I clamped them between a ruler and a piece of wood.IMG_2578

Not planning to stick this in an oven but holding it clamped for a while can’t hurt. Right?


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