The colors of spring

Good weather today… for mowing the lawn, and tying up the hops, and then painting.

I masked the fins and roll pattern on the Bad Cholesterol using scotch tape backed up with blue tape and a grocery bag. Shot a little white (Rusto 2X) to seal edges.IMG_2582Then black (more 2X). While spraying I had the great (stupid) idea of hitting the back of the motor mount, too, even though I hadn’t specifically masked for that. So of course the paint made its way under the tape, resulting in a mess.IMG_2583It’s fixable, I just have to decide on an approach. The fins themselves look fine. So does the extension tube.IMG_2585

I shot the Dead Ringer with Duplicolor Metal Specks Red. First time I’ve used that, and at more than twice what I’m used to paying for a can of paint, I was hoping it’d be good. It was good.IMG_2586(Especially in direct sun.)

The face card color for the Mosquiti is yellow, but I have enough yellow in my fleet, so I went with Rusto 2X orange. Which developed a nozzle failure at some point. I was able to get the paint on the rockets OK, but it made a mess of the can, the driveway, my hand…IMG_2588IMG_2589

Pretty good day’s work.IMG_2590

But wait… there’s more. Clear coat on the Bad Cholesterol decals.IMG_2591The Bad Cholesterol should easily be ready for Saturday’s launch. Unfortunately for the Dead Ringer and Mosquiti, I want to mask and paint fins on those, and the forecast isn’t looking good for getting that done this week. For that matter the forecast is looking questionable for Saturday, though it’s too early to be at all sure.


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