Got luck?

Somewhat against expectations, we got some nice painting weather this afternoon. I may have left work a bit earlier than usual.

First thing was to touch up the Mega Mosquito. It’d gotten a couple of fin edges scuffed in a minor mishap Sunday; there were also a couple of spots where the orange paint went on a little thin. I swapped nozzles between the orange Rusto and a near-empty primer can, and had no trouble fixing those areas.

Next I masked the Mosquito to paint one fin (and nearby body tube) black. I used scotch tape and blue tape again; given that the tape was about as wide as the Mosquito, that got interesting.IMG_2604

The masking job for the Dead Ringer was even more jolly fun.IMG_2605

And finally the Mega Mosquito got a matching fin.IMG_2606On both Mosquitos the masking job wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty much fine with me. (I did do a bit of touch up on the Mega.) It certainly was better than the Bad Cholesterol masking, I’ll say that. As for the Dead Ringer, I like it!

We’re still supposed to get rain the next few days, so I don’t know if we’ll launch Saturday, but these guys should be ready if we do.



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