Luck runs out

So, I essentially have seven new rockets ready for tomorrow’s canceled launch…

Yeah, we could see this coming. We got about an inch and a half of rain in the past day, and while that means we weren’t likely to be starting any grass fires, the field is just too wet for the launch.

Well, I have a backup event for tomorrow. One that will involve better food. And beer. But no rockets.

NYPower is next weekend, though — weather permitting! Though some of those seven rockets I’m going to save for a local, smaller launch.

I briefly wondered if I could get another rocket, specifically the Lunar Eclipse Jr., ready for NYPower. Maybe, but I’d probably rush too much. I rushed the Mosquiti somewhat, and they’re okay but flawed. I’d like the LEJr to come out better.



One thought on “Luck runs out

  1. I was worried about the rain and our weekend launch also. Although they won’t cancel them for a wet field, the sod farm can become a swamp. I was pleased to find the field fairly dry. They must not have had as much as we did here. Anyway, better luck next weekend at NYP.

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