Finishing touches

The rockets I said were “ready” were not quite ready; some things like shock cords and egg padding needed some work. Which I’ve now done.

The Yankee was basically ready in January, except that it needed a new streamer for the NARTREK Bronze duration attempt. I finished that up with a couple of reinforcements and a holeIMG_2607for attachment to the Kevlar.IMG_2609The rocket (with burned out motor) hangs almost horizontal from the shock cord, which should assist in duration:IMG_2612Next up, the Bad Cholesterol. I threaded two Kevlar loops through the button and glued down some padding. On the shock cord, when I built this I’d forgotten my intention to use a really long piece of Kevlar from the motor mount to the egg capsule, with a not-so-long piece of elastic in parallel from the end of the body tube to the egg capsule. (The Kevlar was to be long enough not to inhibit the elastic from stretching.) So instead I tied a second piece of Kevlar to the first, along with 1/2″ elastic, with the other ends of both tied to the capsule.IMG_2614Between the heavy elastic and the parallel Kevlar, if the egg capsule gets separated from the rocket it won’t be the shock cords’ fault. Of course the elastic is heavy, but then again, the duration contest has been canceled…

The decal went on a couple days ago. I guess the clear coat was less than perfect, because I lost some of the black, but I touched it up with a fine point Sharpie.IMG_2615

The Bohica’s Dead Ringer needed a piece of Kevlar threaded up through the guide straw in the motor mount. I used 1/4″ elastic from the front end of the body tube to the nose cone. Earlier I’d put a little trim tape around the top of the body tube. Ready for the glamor shot.IMG_2617The Mega Mosquito likewise needed Kevlar fed through and tied to elastic; I used 1/2″ this time. Its kid brother really was ready last week.IMG_2619 IMG_2620

So there they are, five new ones to add to the two cardstocks finished earlier. Just need to launch them! (Oh, that.)





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