Another rocket in the shop: I had a feeling the Estes rubber band shock cord on the Patriot would not last for very many more flights. I could have cut and sanded it and its trifold mount out, but I kind of wanted to find out just how many more flights it would last. So I did something different.

I used a card scrap to make a trifold mount, and I frayed out the end of a piece of Kevlar to maximize the gluing surface. After gluing it into the trifold, I sanded the outer side of the card which was too glossy for my liking and bent it into a curve. Then I glued it into the body tube. I was able to get it behind the original shock cord mount, so it’s not reducing the aperture any more than necessary. Finally I cut the Kevlar to a good long length — longer than the stretched rubber band — and tied the other end to the nose cone.

2014-05-31For now this Kevlar is a backup shock cord; it won’t do anything unless the rubber band breaks. When that happens it’ll keep the rocket together one time, after which I’ll probably cut it off close to the forward end of the body tube, tie it to some braided elastic, and wrap some tape around it at the body tube end for zipper protection.



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