Post-NYPower, it seems to me my fleet is deficient in rockets that are good for big events. That is, most of what I have is short 13 or 18 mm rockets. There’s no reason those can’t be launched at a NYPower or URRF, but they’re a better fit for small fields and small numbers of people.

What’s really a good fit probably is something a lot larger than anything I can launch, but never mind. Point is, larger-size, 24 or 29 mm rockets would be a good thing to have more of at big events. Well, I think so, anyway.

(Especially if the grass is tall enough to swallow small children.)

So… I went to NYPower with one set of rockets on my mind to work on, and came back with different ideas — at least for the time period before late June and URRF. I’d been thinking about finishing up the rockets currently in progress, and starting in on maybe the MLAS or the Photon Probe. Now I’m thinking the one part of that plan I still like is to finish up the Lunar Eclipse Jr. I’m doing that.

TRDRM does need to be finished up for August, but I’m awaiting some electronics parts and I’ll still have most of two months after URRF. The Saber I’d like to hold off on painting until the club upscale is painted — I might want to copy it. The Tornado I don’t need to launch again anytime very soon, so there’s no rush to paint it. The Yankee I won’t paint until after the club launch on the 21st anyway. The V-2…

Well. Not so sure about the V-2. I’m not happy about it. The fins are uneven, some of the details are awfully crude; I’m not even feeling good about the shock cord — got some epoxy on the Kevlar, that’s not a good thing. If the kit were still in stock I’d be thinking about buying another one and trying again, but Semroc’s going away and I don’t know of anyone who still carries it. So it’s been on hold and I feel like leaving it on hold, at least for now, and maybe forever.

As for what to start on next, I have two 29 mm kits in my build pile, and I’d been planning on letting them stay in my build pile for a while longer, but now I want to get one together this month.

One of them’s the Estes Ventris, and while I’d happily start building that if it were the only candidate, it isn’t, and it’s not like I don’t have a bunch of Estes rockets in my fleet already. The other’s the Aerotech Mustang, quite a different animal. Think I’ll build it.



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