Building the Aerotech Mustang (part 2)

I managed to talk myself into filling the remaining spiral last night. It was a hotly contested debate.IMG_2667I also applied some CA to the partially cut out launch lug slots. I kind of like the Aerotech launch lugs, but I’m putting rail buttons on this.

I sanded this morning, cleaned out the fin slots, and drilled rail button holes.IMG_2670

Meanwhile, I built the motor mount. Here’s the fin test fit.IMG_2668Somewhat disconcertingly, when I removed the fins, a sliver of black plastic broke off the rear ring. I cemented it back in place.

This being my first Aerotech rocket, and my first 29 mm (aside from my son’s Ascender which I did much of the work on), I decided to build it almost 100% stock: thrust ring, hook, no retainer, CA everywhere, all that. Filling the spirals was not in the instructions but I don’t consider that a deviation. The one thing I did do differently was to use two loops of Kevlar as a shock cord leader instead of tying the elastic directly to the baffle.IMG_2669

Upcoming steps call for applying cement in inaccessible places, so I’m on hold until I pick up an extender tube.



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