Up until about July/August 2013 I was not saying much about my rocketry activity on my blog, but it did turn up on Google+, especially my Patriot build. I’ve collected that stuff here where I can find it more easily…

10 Aug 2012: Making our biggest, baddest rocket to date.

9 Jun 2013: Day 9: Start on Patriot model rocket. Cut and marked body tube, built motor mount. (I’m using a 1-piece body tube instead of the 3-piece one supplied; I’ll have to paint it, but I was going to paint anyway.) #30DOC

9 Jun 2013: Day 9: Patriot model rocket. Glued motor mount into body tube.  #30DOC

10 Jun 2012: Day 10: Patriot model rocket — Initial fin prep #30DOC

15 Jun 2013: Day 15: Patriot model rocket — sanded and glued fins #30DOC

16 Jun 2013: Day 16: Patriot model rocket – Launch lug, nose cone sanding #30DOC

22 Jun  2013: Day 22: More scarf, more rocket #30DOC

23 Jun 2013: Day 23: Patriot model rocket, white paint #30DOC

25 Jun 2013: Day 25: Rocket redness #30DOC 

27 Jun 2013: Day 27: Rocket enyellowification #30DOC

27 Jun 2013: Day 27: Rocket – the hitherto overlooked red bit #30DOC 

28 Jun 2013: Day 28: Patriot model rocket completed #30DOC

29 Jun 2013: Rocket launch got washed out around 12:30, but I did get two Patriot launches in before then. Both went well and only one landed in the tall grass. No photos, due to camera pilot error.

13 Jul 2013: 2nd launch of Kenny’s Magician rocket with altimeter payload. It went to 1425 feet.

28 Jul 2013: Model rockets at Geneseo Airport



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