Building the Lunar Eclipse Jr. (part 9)

So masking the orange was interesting. I used the usual Scotch-type tape and blue tape mix on the inner fins. Thin strips of Scotch tape went along the fin edges.IMG_2678 Then I took a fine brush and applied a thin line of orange along the tape edges to seal them. I sprayed Rusto 2X Navy Blue. Unmasking was also interesting, and of course at some point I grabbed onto the body tube and left three big fat fingerprints. Tweezers helped get the tape off, but maybe have also scraped the paint in a couple places. The edges came out pretty well, better than I’d expected. The inner fin fillets are a little less nice, maybe not as good as I expected. (In fact I expected the edges to be worse than the fillets.) So, some touching up to do. IMG_2680I thought the orange had too much red in it, but against the navy blue, now I think it has too little. (The color doesn’t look at all alike to me in these two pictures.) Well, not changing it now.


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