Building the Estes Ventris (part 2)


IMG_2695Oh yeah. Spirals. I decided this time not to fill them. The primaries are practically invisible. The secondaries aren’t but I think they’ll be okay after priming and sanding, and if not, no big deal.

So then I glued together the body tube. I marked the coupler halfway, applied generous amounts of tacky glue inside the lower body tube, and pushed the coupler in up to the mark. Then I paused. Then I tried twisting the coupler. Couldn’t. Frozen.

So no, I no longer believe in tacky glue’s supposed grab-free nature. I’m lucky I didn’t get burned by it. As of the other end of that coupler I’m back to epoxy for tight fit parts. But first I taped a cotton swab to a dowel (having read Chris Michielssen’s blog yesterday) and cleaned up the excess tacky glue that was running down the inside of the tube…



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