Building the Lunar Eclipse Jr. (part 10)

I touched up the paint job, using both colors brushed on. I was able to sand out two of the fingerprints. On the third I sanded down to primer so had to brush blue paint on, then wet sanded from 400 to 2500 grit. The result was smooth but dull, however, when I applied a clear coat it matched the gloss paint.

Before the clear coat I put on the vinyl decal.

The clear coat was Pledge and Simple Green. I’ve used the Pledge before, but I’ve read that Simple Green gives a better gloss, so I tried the mixture. I’m not quite convinced it’s any better than straight Pledge.

I’m also not sure it’s any better than the Rusto 2X gloss without a clear coat. But it was needed for the sanded areas, and I wanted some over the vinyl though it might not be necessary.

Then I tied the elastic from the Kevlar leader to the nose cone. The kit comes with a Mylar chute kit and I’ll probably put that together soon, but since I usually clip my chutes on and off and don’t regard them as integral to the rocket, I say this one’s done! First flight Saturday, weather gods permitting.



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