Building the Estes Ventris (part 5)

Rusto 2X red went on pretty well.


Estes doesn’t supply the roll patterns but does supply one decal: An Estes logo. Sorry, Estes, but I just think that’d look kind of weird as the only decal on the rocket.

I glued on the retainer. Regular epoxy probably would have been fine but I had J-B Weld so why not.


Rail buttons went in.IMG_2721

Shock cord — the braided elastic Estes supplies — was tied to the Kevlar leader. I’ll clip a chute on before flight. I kind of doubt I’ll get clear coat on before Saturday’s launch but that’s okay. The rough patch on the grey paint needs some attention too, but also not until after Saturday. It’s done, for certain values of done!IMG_2722



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